Riddle Skin

The theme of this textile collection is growth to maturity, pregnancy, fertility,  ... SnakeSKIN was the inspiration for my patterns. The choice of colours refers to these symbolic themes, just like snakes do.

In my work MATERIAL takes the central position.
The different characteristics of MATERIALS are investigated in my textiles. This result becomes visible by their different response on after-treatments like melting and a technique which I describe as ‘washingmachine-felting’. Through this technique my woven fabrics become embossed, especially when you combine yarns that could be easily felted with yarns that can’t. Or the yarns that do not felt start moving like snakes.
To accentuate my patterns I use forms that are easily distinguishable in almost always contrasting colours.
The features of shine and mat also have their importance in this proces and in the realisation of the snakeskin-effect.
Instead of hiding the origin of the fabric, I would like to accentuate it. This way the material becomes sensuous and it stays natural and authentic.

DSCN5587  DSCN5584   DSCN5623 DSCN5633 DSCN5659 DSCN6865DSCN6867DSCN6869DSCN6327DSCN6369DSCN6417DSCN6428DSCN6361DSCN6839DSCN6842DSCN6844DSCN6848     DSCN6819 DSCN6816 DSCN6832 DSCN6834     DSCN6860 DSCN6855 DSCN6862 DSCN6863